Euro-Tours Hawaii

One of the popular destinations for European travelers is the United States, specifically Hawaii. Hawaii vacations are desirable to European travelers as they offer a tropical vacation destination with access to big-city amenities.

We work with the leading travel agency in Hawaii to provide the most affordable options for European travelers.

Aside from traditional travel options we offer a fair number of economical dwellings, we nevertheless have tried to make the experience of staying in any one of our B & B or VR - Vacation Rentals (no breakfast) a memorable one. A visitor gets a firsthand chance to see what living in Hawaii is like and receives a more informed idea of what to see and where to go, or where not to go, from a B & B host than from someone working in a hotel. After all, what can they say if asked about the best restaurant in the area, or where the best beaches are? Right here at the hotel naturally!

While B & B's are uniquely run by their individual hosts and not in concert with accustomed hotel standards and categories, we visit each host represented by our firm at least once, in many cases twice and more often per year to assure that each unit is in a condition as to assure your full satisfaction.

Hawaii Inter-Island Flights

We offer discounted Inter-Island Airfares and International Airfares, Car Rentals and Motor Homes (US mainland) as well as a multitude of Excursions, Shows, Golf and Wedding packages for individual travelers or groups.